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Pedestrian Accidents

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When you walk around your neighborhood, you expect to be safe. Crosswalks, stop signs and traffic signals all help to protect you from vehicles in the roadway. Unfortunately, drivers sometimes ignore red lights or fail to stop at crosswalks. In these situations, pedestrians can be hit and may suffer serious injuries, and some may lose their lives due to a driver’s negligence. As a personal injury attorney at Macleay Law Firm, I provide tenacious legal representation to injured pedestrians and their families throughout Maryland in pursuing the compensation they deserve when they’re the victims of accidents.

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Pedestrians can be hurt anywhere that people walk. From driveways and parking lots to sidewalks and crosswalks, there is always a possibility of danger from drivers of cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks hitting those on foot.

Some of the most common reasons for these accidents include:

  • Distracted drivers — Drivers cannot pay full attention to the road when they are using a cellphone or any other electronic device. They may also be distracted by passengers, food or even the button on a car radio.
  • Fatigued drivers — Drowsy driving is nearly as dangerous as drunk driving and results in drivers who aren’t fully focused on the road or the pedestrians in front of them.
  • Intoxicated drivers — The use of alcohol or other intoxicants by drivers frequently leads to serious or deadly accidents.
  • Negligence — Drivers often speed, disregard traffic laws or otherwise operate their vehicles recklessly. In these cases, they may be found to be negligent under the law.

My firm will press to hold all drivers accountable for dangerous behavior and help victims of pedestrian accidents get the justice and compensation they deserve.

Skilled lawyer understands the severity of pedestrians' injuries

Depending on the jurisdiction, pedestrians may be able to recover their medical expenses from their own insurance company or the insurer of a family member or they may seek compensation from the driver who was at fault or that driver’s insurer. In most states, victims who have suffered serious injuries are able to recover damages in a lawsuit. These damages usually cover the cost of medical expenses, lost wages and loss of earning capacity. Compensation for mental anguish and physical pain are often awarded in a lawsuit or agreed upon in a settlement. Some states also allow for punitive damages when the driver at fault was intoxicated. As an experienced personal injury litigator, I will ensure you understand your rights under MD law and work tirelessly to get you full, fair compensation for the harm you’ve suffered.

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At Macleay Law Firm, I provide relentless representation to injured pedestrians and victims of hit-and-run accidents. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries due to the negligence of a driver, I will seek the full compensation you deserve. Call me at 301-780-9253 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Annapolis MD office.

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