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Experienced Maryland Attorney Helps Clients Get Disability Retirement Benefits

Accomplished Annapolis law firm stands up for injured and ill employees

You’ve worked hard all your life and become disabled, and now you are having trouble getting the disability retirement benefits that a public employee is owed. If this has happened to you, you can rely on Macleay Law Firm in Annapolis to stand up for your right to get benefits from your state, federal or private-employer retirement program or system. I have three decades of experience helping people in work-related injury and disability cases gain the financial help they need to feed their families and pay their bills. My seasoned law firm represents clients throughout Maryland. 

Dedicated lawyer guides disabled workers through filing disability retirement claims

Applying for disability retirement benefits can be a complex process. You must provide very detailed medical and other information about the injury or illness that has caused you to become disabled. Depending on the program or system you are applying to, there may be a wide variety of complicated steps and forms that must be carefully and correctly followed and filled out. If you are a state or federal employee seeking disability retirement, I will review your claim to ensure all the needed details have been addressed. When your initial claim has been denied, I will stand up for you during the appeals process.

Hardworking attorney advises state employees in filings and appeals.

Maryland has two types of disability retirement benefits through the state retirement and pension system. They are for ordinary disability and accidental/special disability:

  • Ordinary disability covers physical or mental injuries that are permanent and leave employees unable to perform their work duties. Filers must have five years of eligible service to apply.
  • Accidental or special disability covers workers hurt in specific on-the-job accidents that caused them to no longer be able to work.

Depending upon what state agency you worked for, the steps toward successfully receiving disability retirements may vary. I will guide you through the process and fight for you if your retirement application is denied.

Skillful law firm counsels federal employees who become disabled

Federal employees who have become disabled may be eligible for disability retirement benefits under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) if they have become completely disabled and cannot be accommodated in a position at the same level and pay grade. The medical and legal criteria for getting benefits can be confusing, but I can explain the criteria to you in understandable terms, aid you in filing an application and advocate for you through the appeals process if your initial claim filing does not go in your favor.

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