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Construction Site Accidents

Maryland Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Experienced Maryland Attorney Aids Injured Construction Workers

If you’ve been hurt on a construction job, it’s important to have the help of a skillful litigator who has a track record of getting compensation for injured workers. The Macleay Law Firm in Annapolis has in-depth experience helping Maryland clients successfully file for and get the workers’ compensation benefits they’re entitled to. I also handle third-party personal injury claims for workers when the situation warrants bringing them. I have nearly 30 years of legal experience helping injured workers get compensation for their lost wages and medical bills. My law firm can help you too.

"We truly enjoyed working with Mr. MacCleay and was a great experience. We needed someone who was easy to work with given our busy work schedules. He made the process extremely easy by being flexible with coordinating meeting times. We were also able to communicate via text and email. Overall we were very happy with the hiring and would gladly hire again."

Diligent lawyer handles injuries from a variety of construction accidents

The most common reasons for worker injuries on construction sites are:

  • Falls from heights, including from scaffolding and ladders
  • Being struck by falling objects or vehicles
  • Getting caught in between equipment, machinery or trenching
  • Being electrocuted by power lines, improper grounding or defective equipment

Whether your injury occurred in one of these ways or in another type of accident, I will help you through all the steps of the claims filing process.

Well-informed counselor represents clients in workers’ comp filings and appeals

Employers in Maryland are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to pay a portion of lost wages and the medical bills of injured workers. When you are injured at work, you are generally entitled to receive workers’ comp. There are some exceptions, such as when a worker’s own dangerous behavior caused their injuries. However, the filing process is complex and insurers and employers may try to deny claims if they are not filed correctly. I will help you with the initial filing process and fight for you throughout the appeals steps if your claim is denied.

Committed litigator aids workers in filing third-party injury claims

If you were injured in an accident at a construction site, you may be able to bring a personal injury claim outside of the workers’ comp insurance system. While you cannot sue your employer for your workplace injuries, if a third party caused the accident that injured you, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against them. Third parties at construction sites could be a subcontractor working at the site, someone visiting the site to bring supplies or even a product manufacturer whose tool or machinery malfunctions and causes injury. You may even be able to bring a third-party claim while also collecting workers’ comp insurance. Once I learn the details of your injury accident, I can advise you about your options. If you are eligible to bring a personal injury claim, I will file the suit for you and stand by your side throughout litigation.  

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